Dar-ul-Mussarat Play 2016

The teachers and students of Dar-ul-Mussarat once again performed a wonderful play, at St. Peter’s School, Warris Road, on Thursday 12, December 2016 . Celebrating its 26th Birthday, Dar-ul-Mussarat organized an evening in which they performed their annual play. The principal Mrs Resha Qadir Bakhsh, school staff and students, happy to be the hosts welcomed Rt. Rev. Samuel Azariah as the Chief Guest of the evening and honored them with flowers. The play titled ‘Apne to Apne Hotay Hain‘ was based on the Biblical story of Joseph and his 12 brothers, which was performed in a very outstanding way. Bishop Samuel Azariah in the end shared his thoughts and said that Dar ul Mussarat is like his Child which he will never forget and always support in every way possible. Parents and audience was happy to see the special children do wonderful acts and appreciated the handwork and effort of the Teachers. The evening was concluded by cake cutting and gift distribution.