The Junior Church department of Diocese of Raiwind, Church of Pakistan (commonly known as Sunday school) […]
The teachers and students of Dar-ul-Mussarat once again performed a wonderful play, at St. Peter’s School, […]
Riffaqat-e-Khawateen of Diocese of Raiwind organized their Annual Christmas Lunch at Lucie Harrison School Warris Road. […]
We are sad to hear the tragic news of attack on innocent worshipers of St. Mark’s […]
On December 10, 2016 The President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan HE Muhammad Mamnoon Hussain awarded […]
The Peacebuilding Department of Diocese of Raiwind, Church of Pakistan organized a one day training workshop […]
Dor has stepped another milestone by opening Church doors for the poor and marginalized communities. DOR […]
On Friday, July 1, 2016 Dor opened the doors of the Central Cathedral of Praying Hands […]